Human Resource Department And Senior Management Essay

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(Introduction ~ 200)
In the last couple of decades, AAustralia is conventionallyhas developed into a multicultural society and as globalisation increases, employing people of diverse cultures, beliefs and backgrounds becomes more crucial for both creating a sustainable workforce and transcending the Australian national context (D’Netto, 2013:1261). Innovation, creativity and the ability to be open to change assists an organisation’s success and competitive advantage – marketing, problem solving and resource acquisition – and this is brought on by the introduction of diversity management policies and procedures (Cox, 2001:34). The implementation of appropriate procedures is developed through the human resource department and senior management team as part of a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plan. Managers are now expecting for diversity to achieve “higher workforce morale, more effective customer service and improved financial performance” (Kulik, 2014:131). However, these benefits can only be achieved if diversity is properly valued and encouraged as if support from managers is absent, then challenges can arise, such as poor communication, resistance to change, economic and time losses. In the last few decades, the Australian governments have also introduced laws, including the Racial Discrimination Act 1975, Affirmative Action Act 1986 and Equal Employment Opportunity Act 1987 (Stone, 2013: 580). Nevertheless, challenges are more likely to occur when organisations…

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