Essay on Human Organs Should Not Be Legalized

1131 Words Nov 30th, 2016 5 Pages
Organ transplants have become a life-saving therapy for thousands of people, and the demands for organs from patients with organ failure for exceeds the supply. While every day, about 18 persons dies because they are waiting on an organ, I disagree with the sales of human organs being legalized. The sale of human organs should not be legalized because it will benefit the wealthy but pressure the poor to sacrifice their own health, it would be more difficult to obtain an organ if donors can sell them and people may think they can use their body for profit. Yuri, a 29-year-old Egyptian man residing in the outskirts of Cairo, worked an average of 12 hours a day on a bus calling out destinations at bus stops and collecting passengers ' fees. When his dire living conditions worsened, it led him to desperation. "Many circumstances led me to this—my mother needed an intestinal surgery and my two sisters needed to marry. I no longer had a place to live and began to sleep on the streets." Yuri met a man at a bus stop who had sold his own kidney and found out how he could do this himself to help solve his family 's problems. The laboratory made a match and Yuri met Sherif, a 60-year-old auto service center owner who needed a kidney and would pay 2,200 USD [US dollars] to Yuri for his "donation." Yuri experienced pain, nausea and loss of appetite for weeks after his surgery. Several months passed before he could return to work, but even then he felt easily fatigued while standing long…

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