Essay about Human Nature : We Become, What We Learn

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Human Nature – we become, what we learn
In Frankenstein, Mary Shelley talks about a monster, who transforms from an innocent individual to an evil person at the end. The entire story revolves around the monster and his creator, who abandons the monster at the time of monster’s creation. Furthermore, the monster is rejected by the society and this rejection changes the harmless being to a harmful creature. Thus, Shelly comments on the idea of human nature being learned and not innate through her tale of the monster. I strongly believe Mary Shelley’s portrayal of the monster in the story depicts human transformation on the basis of their experience in the society.
According to Shelley, human beings are blank at the time they are born. This could be easily seen in her way of describing the monster at the time he was created. The monster is shown to have no idea about the world he was brought to by his creator, Victor. The monster does not know how to survive in this world or to deal with the people. Furthermore, the monster has no knowledge about the senses at all. After getting abandoned by his creator, he roams in the wilderness alone and during that time, he learns about “fire”. This is clearly shown in the novel, where the monster found “fire” left by some mendicant and discovers with his exposure to fire that fire is used to provide warmth and it is when he discovered that fire could be lit with the help of dry wood. Also, he discovers that fire could be used to make food…

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