Human Nature Forms The Foundation Of Receiving Information Essay

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Session three to six mainly discuss four steps about how people receive information, re-produce and process information and use this information to make decisions. The four steps refer to recognize humanity, self-identity, sense-making and decision-making, arranging from inner to outside, from general to specific. They are running independently, instead, different layers interconnect with each other, they jointly form a successive progress of dealing with information around people. Furthermore, these layers share some similar characteristics such as sociality.
First step: human nature forms the foundation of receiving information.
The first layer is about human nature, which points to the communal characteristics of whole human beings. Nature is something rooted in the innermost heart, it consists of psi-which explores certain impossible phenomena like psychic and telepathy , and conscious minds. Grant that various scholars do not reach an agreement of the fundamental debate of human nature-are human beings be born competitive or cooperative, most authors suggest that human beings are more cooperative from biological, economic, psychological aspects.
First, from biologically thinking, human’ genes are created to be cooperative, Dugatkin suggests that altruism behaviors can be explained by natural selection: people prefer to perform some altruism behaviors because they want to save relatives’ genes that the same as themselves. For example, we can use kinship behavior or…

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