Chapter 4: A Sample Of Attribution Theory

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Register to read the introduction… Determining whether a given action was driven by internal or external factors
h. Expressions given off that are mainly unbeknownst to the actor
i. Naive assumptions about which personality traits go together
j. The tendency to assign an internal locus of causality for our positive outcomes and an external locus of causality for our negative outcomes
k. Untruths that benefit the teller
l. A strategy used to arouse fear and gain power by convincing others one is powerful and dangerous
m. The tendency to unintentionally adopt the behaviors, postures, or mannerisms of others that we interact with
n. A strategy whereby people minimize their positive traits or accomplishments
o. The tendency to rate individual human beings more favorably than groups or impersonal objects
p. The process by which we make judgments about the personal characteristics of others
q. The ability to predict how a person will act within a limited set of social contexts and in terms of a limited number of behavioral dimensions
r. A strategy in which a person creates obstacles to his or her own performance either to provide and excuse for failure or to enhance success
s. The tendency to weight negative traits more heavily than positive traits in impression
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Nonconscious mimicry
20. Characterization-correction model
21. Pragmatic accuracy
22. Perpetually salient factor
23. Actor-observer effect
24. Self-serving bias
25. Modesty
26. Self-centered lies
27. Nonverbal leakage
28. The process related to people’s attempts to know and understand other people and events is called _______ _______.
29. According to Erving Goffman, people’s manner of dressing, talking, the type of music they play for others, and their nonverbal behaviors are examples of how social interactions are similar to a __________.
30. A conscious, deliberate attempt to shape other people’s impressions of oneself in order to achieve an ulterior goal is a _____ ______ _______.

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