Human Nature: Ancient Civilizations, Egypt And Mesopotamia

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Human Nature The oldest recorded civilization that we know of so far has to begin with ancient civilizations, Egypt and Mesopotamia. The approximate record of their once rising and thriving civilization has been dated back to 3500 B.C. which was known as the Paleolithic Age (Perry, 2014, P. 5). This would be when the birth of human habits, beliefs, and the start of evolving as one to today’s humans compared to thousands of years ago. During these times before 0 B.C., is when things started to be learned and taught down to one generation to another. One of them would be tradition and religion, they are the passed down and reinforced throughout history but during the time frame of organs to early Christianity it was changing too. Religion, advancements, literature and laws are some of …show more content…
Religion is something each civilization or society needs because it was one of the ways they bonded with one another. In ancient Egypt they had many gods and spirits as they were taught and reinforced to believe, which was polytheism belief in many (Perry, 2014, P. 16). The same goes for ancient Mesopotamia they believe in many gods too, but they would worship them a little different than the Egyptians did (Perry, 2014, P. 11-12). In 1250 B.C. after the Hebrews escape from Egypt they of course had a different religion which is why they had to leave the Egypt empire because they believed in different things and because they were unequal (Perry, 2014, P. 33). The Hebrews leaving Egypt has to be one of the most well-known tales around the world because the religion it derived from became huge. The major difference would be that the Hebrews believed in only one divine being instead of many like the other civilizations they called him Yahweh meaning God. The Greeks were like Egypt

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