Human Interference And The Environment Essays

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Fish Kill is the process in which dead or dying fish seen in a body of water. The article released by Florida LAKEWATCH says, “There are many factors that contribute to fish kill.” Some factors are a result of human interference and the environment itself causes is another cause of fish kill. This paper will address the different factors leading to fish kill as well as other information about fish kill. Fish kill can be a natural process as well as a human error, either way the result puts an impact in ecosystem. While many residents in Florida have seen, what the results of a fish kill look like but many do not understand why it happens. The belief that we are responsible for the fish kill is not true; the article addressed the matter and stated that most fish kills that occur in Florida are natural. There are also different sizes of fish kill that occur, there are small and large fish kills. Along with the size of fish kill, the fish kill is difficult to prevent as the body of water increases. They are also difficult to predict. The good thing about fish kills are that the ecosystem can recover from fish kills on their own. Fish lay many eggs and can escape to refuge area if the water conditions got worse. The first type of natural occurring fish kill is from a result of low dissolved oxygen levels. This influences fish kill rate because higher oxygen levels in the water means more fish can coexist in the same location. a sudden decrease in oxygen levels and the fish…

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