Human Geography : A Cultural Approach Essay

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Please read through Chapter 1 (Human Geography: A Cultural Approach) in your textbook and then choose* (and view) any three of the short PBS Frontline World films from their website ( with the following questions in mind:
Why might knowing about cultural geography and/or utilizing a geographical perspective be significant in understanding today’s world?
To help expand on my knowledge about the way of life in other cultures, I decided to watch as my first video, the clip about the rape situation in South Africa. I was appalled on how out of control it is there. I went right into researching why it is so predominant there, and come to find out the main reasons are: the high rate of violence (used to resolve any type of conflict), common problem of a policy of cultural apartheid and furthermore the lack of respect, and integrity people have for themselves and others. So for a prime example, if I would have known about the information I found through researching just this one video I would have not been as disturbed and could have had a different outlook, not saying it is okay by any means, however.
While I watched the extremely informative video on how France outlawed the promoting and support of the Pro Ana; this is something that America could considered doing or at the very least look into how making that a law would better the health our country as a whole. Eating disorders are an ongoing problem here in America as I myself…

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