Human Culture : Humans Create Culture Essay

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Humans create culture

Humans are the creator of culture because animals are known to have no souls, but we do. I think this trait is shown throughout the whole movie. For example when Theo and his siblings play a cultural game about their fathers before them, and with that Mamere was able to find Theo back in Sudan. Theo and his siblings in sudan have a certain way of living with their struggled life than they they did in America. They did not live such a privileged life with jobs and settlement. Overall it 's seen how humans create culture because there aren’t animals involved in the making of culture. In compared to the American’s culture, they have a different way of communicating especially when the brothers did not how to use a the telephone and did not know they were intruding Carrie’s house. All them of them make their own culture, because they have the ability to.

2.Culture consist of ways of doing things

The lost boys lived their lives very differently than americans do. In the scene where theo, gabriel,daniel, mamere, paul and jeremiah had to search and obtain water in a nearby river compared to how americans have a pipe that provides water in their homes. When jeremiah is told to throw away expired food, being a religious man he believed that they should be given to those who need it most, but his manager thought differently. In sudan they are not used to living in a stable built shelter with many necessities compared to their lifestyle in Sudan, this…

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