Essay about Human Consumption Of Genetically Modified Foods

1038 Words Jul 24th, 2015 null Page
Human consumption of genetically modified foods also known as GMOs are not safe. GMOs are where scientists modify the genome sequence of food to make the company 's products genetically superior to organic foods. Changing the genetic sequence of the plants will open up unexpected effects in the health of the human body that no one has ever predicted before. When one really look into the risk of consuming the mutated foods, one may start to think. Some of the thoughts that pop up into the mind of the consumer; can any of the benefits overweight any of the risks that genetically modified foods have to the bodies health.
Many effects to living organisms can create a lasting bond to one 's self and future generations of that species. The impact of the effects to organisms must be taken into consideration. Looking at the bigger picture of the impacts that modified foods create, organisms are affected from the genetically modified products ' DNA; "GMO 's DNA may end up in soil, compost, animal feed, byproducts, and other living organisms from insects to larger pests" (Glass). When the DNA of our surrounding are contaminated, it will cross contamin our human bodies. Unnatural alterations of the human genome causes unexpected side effects.
Looking into a smaller picture with mammals, mammals are humans livestock, they are used for food and products. When mammals have digestive problems, this affects the animal 's health and generates shorter life spans. They are being fed unnatural…

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