Essay about Human Consumption Is Not The Best Option For All Humans

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Living in a utopia where it is utter blasphemy to harm animals for human consumption should be an ideal to strive for. Most modern society is aware of this “ideal”, and there is even “research” that shows humans would be healthier if they become vegetarian. Yes, the consumption of meat was essential for the development of the human species, but have humans not mentally and emotionally evolved from those barbarous creatures they once were? But if being a vegetarian is the next big step for humanity, why is there not a greater push and demand for vegetarianism in modern society? Is there some possibility that being a vegetarian is really not the best option for all humans? Only a select few can enjoy the advantages that come with being a vegetarian. The elitism of being less “barbarous” in the eyes of the few, greatly affects the rest of the underprivileged, or just culturally-exempt, mass. Moreover, studies have shown that vegetarian adults tend to be healthier than the average meat-eating human, but what pro-vegetarianism studies fail to mention is that a great majority of these adults ate meat as a child – which is essential in the development for a healthy human. From a deeper biological standpoint, humans have evolved to become more level-headed creatures, but they are still built to eat meat. There is no way to naturally recreate the benefits meat has on the human body without taking external supplements. Being a vegetarian indisputably has its pros, but it is not the…

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