Human Communication By Joseph A. Devito Essay

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The Concept of Communication The need for communication began at the beginning. The comprehension of the importance of human communication is essential to exchange thoughts in addition to feelings adequately. In the book, Essentials of Human Communication written by Joseph A. DeVito, he defines human communication as “the act, by one or more persons, of sending and receiving messages that are distorted by noise, occur within a context, have some effect, and provide some opportunity for feedback.” Why do we communicate along with how?
With communication comes a purpose; whether that may be when we speak or write, we are trying to send a message in order to accomplish a goal. Five general motives lead us to communicate: to learn, to relate, to help, to influence, and to play. When learning, we acquire the knowledge of others, the world, and ourselves. Relating helps us form a relationship with others, and interact with others as individuals. When we assist others by listening and offering solutions, we are helping. Public speakers share speeches with an audience with the intention of influencing them, by strengthening or changing their attitudes or behaviors on a certain topic. When we communicate to play, we are enjoying the experience of the moment.
Human communication exists in varied forms such as intrapersonal (the communication that occurs within ourselves), interpersonal communication (happens when we interact with a person) and mass communication (a message from one…

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