Essay on Human Beings : What Can Shape Them?

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Along the way, we as human beings, encounter many different sets of struggles, promises, and relationships. From childhood to adulthood this human could experience more than their fair share of “kicks while their down”, but how someone goes about recovering from these is what can shape them. In my experience it has been more about picking myself back up from the one thing that has always kicked me while I was down. This situation varied based on the day of the month of the year, it was never consistent, my mother. However, the constant in my life was my father and his partner, two gay men raising a little girl. While to some this could’ve been seen as a tragedy, but for me those two men have always protected me from whatever may come. Whether that evil thing to come was boys, losing my very first best friend, or my mother not being able to decide if she even wanted to be a mother. Now, why does this matter to gender, why does this matter to the purpose of gender? Well, being a girl with to gay fathers can definitely shape how I see the world as a whole.
Homosexuality as a whole is not accepted by everyone in the whole world, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. In many countries “gay marriage” was something that they had legalized a while back. This was where the United States lacked for many years, people begging for the right to marry those whom they loved based on solely that fact, not whether they liked the opposite gender or the same one. Even as a child it…

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