Essay On Sex And Gender

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Gender and Sex
Growing up as a child, I was taught that sex and gender meant either boy or girl, male or female and masculine or feminine and therefore, they were synonymous. Presently, I have a more profound understanding of the differentiation between gender and sex but consequently, I can speak only for myself and can imagine the many people in the world with my former ideology. For this reason and more I believe that sociologist find it imperative to distinguish gender and sex. Not to mention, it provides sociologists with a means of observing the social determination of gender at different levels of experience. According to our supplemented text gender is the cultural definition of what it means to be a man or a woman. (p. 366). In addition to that, it varies in many ways across the diverse cultures of the world and has been shaped by political, religious, philosophical, linguistic, traditional and other cultural forces for many years. On the other hand, sex is one's biological classification as male or female. The real difference is the reproductive body parts, their function, and corresponding hormones.
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Antecedently, there has been perceptions towards genders depending on their sexes, strengths, capacity and capability to do a certain task and inequalities are majorly displayed at workplaces and homes. In order to lessen the effects of gender stratification in the workplace, I am of the strong opinion that jobs and roles should be assigned based on ability and not gender, strict policies against gender discrimination should be implemented, awareness of gender discrimination should be risen through media, education, etc. as well as equal pay and opportunities for both genders. Gender stratification can be harmful to both men and women it can cause the stereotyping of each gender which can sometimes lead to discrimination and

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