Process Essay: The Definition Of Responsibility

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The definition of responsibility is the state or fact of being responsible, answerable, or accountable, for something within one 's power, control, or management ("Responsibility Definition - Norton Safe Search."). If a person of hearing, or one that is deaf, can still feel the weight of responsibility. The weight being pushed down on the shoulders of someone when hearing or seeing this word can feel as though the world is coming down. Generally speaking, people constantly recycle thoughts of bills, appointments, meetings, work, family which causes reoccurring stress when hearing the word. Responsibility, some people face it with minimal frustration. Others are so scared of even the thought of the word that they avoid it all together. For those …show more content…
Processing this term and applying it to the situation, is truly what takes more time and effort. Before someone is able to take action, one must be aware that an action needs to be taken in their own lives. In that respect, people are at their own pace in life, all equally on this journey. As children, a majority of these mistakes is made in the beginning of life. But, that’s what children do. Parents may say “don’t do this and don’t do that,” to help teach children from right and wrong. Is then, those children can learn from their mistakes as a child and grow up hopefully to not commit the same errors. If a child develops a bad habit, parents or loved ones would hopefully steer them the right direction and remind them of their responsibilities ("The Definition of Responsibility."). During this time, it is critical for us humans, as the character is being built up, along with morals, and good work ethics. These are the consequences as to where someone may stand in this world by taking the responsibility of oneself and their life. Referencing the young girl born in Pakistan, Malala was facing many responsibilities as a girl in her country and under her religion. It’s been said that it was not fit for woman to be in school. Which brought Malala’s reasoning as to why she speaks up for so many around the World. Malala was not only able

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