Summary Of Malala The Powerful

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The article, “Malala the Powerful” by Kristen Lewis describes the torment that many Muslim people, especially women and girls were put through by the Taliban. Malala’s life took place while the Taliban was taking control over places that she lived in or near, Afghanistan and Pakistan. They began enforcing rules that were expected to be obeyed by everyone they were applied to, lots of the time directly enforced to women and girls. For example, in 2009, the Taliban ordered all girls’ schools to close down. Malala was one of the many people who was not okay with these actions, and was determined to stand up for what she knew to be right. This was very dangerous, as she was threatened many times by the Taliban themselves, but she never backed down. Eventually, she was shot by the Taliban, near her head, receiving damage to her brain and ear. But, with time, she was able to recover. Though they had to face many harrowing threats and challenges, Malala and many others showed much courage and fortitude to get through this terrible time in our history.

In 2007, the Taliban began to gain control over Pakistan. They were tremendously
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Malala’s father was given a job in the U.K. where they hope to stay and be safe from the Taliban, who vow to come back for Malala someday. She has become a role model to many people (lots of girls) by being tremendously courageous and a source of hope. She hopes to be able to help many children, especially girls, get an education to become whatever they want, as she, herself, has longingly waited to have her whole childhood. Malala is now receiving education at a high school in Birmingham, and is very happy and excited to be doing so. She says, “Today I am wearing a uniform,’ she said proudly, ‘It is important, because it proved that I am a student. It is the happiest day for me because I am living, I am going to school, I am

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