Essay about Human Being Utilized Management For Many Different Purposes

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The History of My Field
Human being utilized management for many different purposes. Evidence of management has been seen in earliest parts of human society. Since then it has evolved and changed into our days entrepreneurship and management. As society grows, management has also developed showing promise for the future. The first civilizations created agriculture, developed trade, and even established industries.
Through the centuries, there has been a lack of knowledge in how to identify and solve management problems using step-by-step procedures. These management problems have been evident where it pertained to uncooperative workers in slavery and also with pre-industrial enterprises. The Ubaidians of Sumer have been the first civilized force, to drain the marshes for agriculture, develop trade and establish industries, that includes weaving, leatherwork, metalwork, masonry, and pottery. After the creation of numeral systems and new book-keeping methods, managers now had a way to provide assessment, planning, and control. Before the industrial revolution, most business owners handled their own management functions without formal record-keeping and recording. As businesses began to grow in size, and changes developed in the types of ownership of organizations, day-to-day managers were needed to plan and control.
Different texts have been looked to as sources for direction that managers can learn from. The Art of War, an ancient military strategy book, written by Sun Tzu…

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