Travel And Aviation Organisations Analysis

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Policies and procedures within travel and aviation organisations


Human resource management (HRM) regard to how people are employed and treated so they become more important or valuable to an organisation. HRM is used to achieve an organisation 's targets or goals by creating a plan to succeed and executing these plans with strategic steps in tackling certain situations to come out with a successful outcome.

The goals of HRM involve positioning neutral and legal treatment of all the employees and guarantee the organisation follows the employment law. The HRM team works towards a strategic plan to meet the objectives of the organisation such as having a high performance culture, securing relevant workforce with the skills
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This management style treats employees as the most important resource in the business and can gain the business a competitive advantage. The workforce needs are planned and respected, such as their roles, rewards and motivation. The are usually given a competitive wage and sometimes this can include performance related pay such as profit share, bonuses or even commission. Soft HRM usually has a flatter organisational structure which can lead to a lot of communication from the top of the hierarchy to the bottom which can make employees feel part of a family-like team, therefore on the other hand can making them feel empowered and take more responsibility, this could all lead to higher performance levels. If an employee is unable to perform a task, it is not seen as bad but just a way to improve themselves and require more training so they can develop themselves. However a good wage and bonuses increase the cost of the workforce which leads to a business having a competitive disadvantage. Storey (1989) wrote that ‘The soft version traces its roots to the human-relations school; it emphasizes communication, motivation and leadership.’ Give examples of soft hrm

Soft and hard hrm. Explain aspects of both and how they affect the workforce. Decide which is the most common, soft or hard hrm in aviation. Explain advantages and disadvantages of both. Examples british airways and emirates

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