Human Advancement And Innovative Advancement Essay

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Sociologist Gerhard Lenski kept up that mechanical advancement has been the main incentive in the development of human progress. In actuality, human advancement and innovative advancement go as an inseparable unit. In such manner, the way to human advancement is data. Specifically, the more we think about how to tackle and use the assets of the normal world, the more prominent our capacity to propel the interests of human social orders. He perceived four phases of correspondence.
Stage 1 is the passing on of genes from generation to generation. You might call this biological communication (Lesson 8 - Instructor Note.htm. 2016).
Stage 2 is sentience. As we develop our abilities to understand and become aware of the world around us, our adaptation to Earth’s environments is facilitated. We are able to share our experience (Lesson 8 - Instructor Note.htm. 2016).
In Stage 3, we become capable of logic. Now we can serve collective goals based on observation and fact-based analysis. For example, if dark clouds gather on the horizon, we can normally assume that rain can be expected (Lesson 8 - Instructor Note.htm. 2016).
In Stage 4, humans master language, writing, and the capacity for creating symbols. At this stage we have the foundation of civilization (Lesson 8 - Instructor Note.htm. 2016).
Lenski also proposed four levels of technological development (Lesson 8 - Instructor Note.htm. 2016).
At the seeker gathering level, nearness is a hand-to-mouth push to diminishing…

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