Essay on Human Activity Recognition And Human Behavior

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Abstract—Human activity recognition has received a great attention in the recent years due to its applications, especially in medical, security, industry fields. This paper presents a new way for detecting the human activity from the single image captured from a single camera. Different methods are there for the detection of human activity. One of them is HOG which is mostly used for human detection. In our study we found that the results of HOG feature is very fast and accurate as compared to other methods.
Keywords—Human detection; Object detection; Activity detection; HOG fetaures.
Human activity recognition aims to determine actions and goals of one or more humans from a still image.
This paper presents a new approach to determine the activity of a human with object detection based on methods like HOG(histogram of oriented gradient) , SVM(support vector machines), sift and surf methods. Human activity recognition has a basic goal to differentiate a human from it’s background and by the posture of human, determining the activity being performed by a human.
There are several real time applications for human activity recognition like Surveillance Environment, Healthcare Systems, Daily Life Activity Monitoring, Entertaining Environment.
To define human activity better we can use an example. Consider an elderly man living alone in a house so we can use human activity as a security system by providing a camera outside for detecting any malicious human…

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