Hum/105 Cultural Heroes Essay

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Cultural Heroes
A cultural hero demonstrates cultural values. A cultural hero faces and overcomes struggles. A cultural hero is famous. A cultural hero may be living or dead, though more often dead. Often after their death, mythologies are developed embellishing their positive features. Herakles and Joan of Arc are examples of classic cultural heroes. John Fitzgerald Kennedy is a modern cultural hero. All three a well known and are remembered for their character and accomplishments.
Herakles is one of the best known and cultural heroes. He is also one of the most controversial heroes due to many differing accounts of his life and deeds. Herakles is a hero in the Greek mythology. He was born the illegitimate son of
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She had a custom designed banner and suit of armor. She led her army to recapture the city of Orleans, often leading charges and encouraging morale. Joan led many successful military encounters and reclaimed enough of France for Charles VII to have a proper coronation. Ultimately she was hamstringed by Charles as he continuously allowed the opposition small cease-fires to regroup. Deception and treason in the royal court allowed the pro-English forces to regroup and make considerable advances. Eventually, Joan was captured at Compiegne. Her trial was a perversion of justice. Judges and court officials received financial compensation for participating in the trial. She was ultimately convicted of cross dressing and burned at the stake. She maintained her faith and dignity till the very end (Williamson, 2007). After the English were finally driven out of France, the process of cleansing Joan’s reputation began. In 1920 she was canonized a saint by the Catholic Church (Williamson, 2007, para 34). To this day she remains a symbol of faith, purity, courage, and conviction.
John Fitzgerald Kennedy John Fitzgerald Kennedy (JFK) is remembered as a courageous war hero, a charismatic speaker, and a straight forward Politian. The Kennedy family holds popular American interest like the royal family does in England. His publically televised assassination in Dallas shocked the nation. JFK was born into a large family in 1917. He was

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