Huckleberry Finn Friendship Analysis

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The importance of having a good friend to count on is something everyone can agree on. One of the best example of friendship in American Literature is the friendship between Jim and Huck in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Jim takes a fatherly figure in Huck's life and is constantly taking care of him no matter how wrong Huck can treat him sometimes. Throughout the book you can see that this friendship has an effect on Huck for the better. True Friendship as defined by Mark Twain in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn consists of sacrificing/caring for the other, helping them become who they should be and always remaining loyal.
Similarly to the tree in The Giving Tree, Jim is constantly giving and caring with everything he has for Huck.
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Huck did not act loyal to Miss Watson, the woman who took him in, cared for him and tried her best to raise him. Huck repaid her by helping her slave escape and causing her to think he was murdered. However, Huck was loyal to Jim. He had thought about turning Jim in because society taught him it was the right thing to do but that thought was only transient because he was loyal to his best friend, Jim. When Jim was being held at the Phelps’ farm Huck would not leave him and even admitted it to Tom, ““All right; but wait a minute. There’s one more thing—a thing that NOBODY don’t know but me. And that is, there’s a nigger here that I’m a-trying to steal out of slavery, and his name is JIM—old Miss Watson’s Jim.” (Twain chap 33). The reason for Huck’s surprising loyalty is because no one had ever cared for him the way that Jim does. Jim is also very loyal to Huck, he goes along with the stupid plans that Tom and Huck come up with and never complains. He could easily of left Huck and gone off by himself but he stays with him. Huck and Jim always remain loyal to each other and recognize that they needed one another which is why their friendship is so great.

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