Hsa 530 Week 4 Hsa530 Week 4 Essay

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HSA 530 Complete Course HSA530 Complete Course
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HSA 530 Week 1 Discussion
"Changes in Human Resource Management (HRM) and Employment Law" Please respond to the following: * * From the scenario “Learnscape 1: More Help Needed – Now!”, examine the role of human resources in health care organizations. Suggest a key characteristic that is required by HR to establish effective relationships with line managers, indicating the likely impact to the organization. * * From the scenario “Learnscape 2: Tough Dad Approach”, recommend a strategy that HR can use to
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Provide support for your rationale.
HSA 530 Week 3 Quiz 1
Question 1
The Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) Act (1973) took precedence over all state regulations that presented any barriers to the formation of health maintenance organizations.
Question 2
If the same subject is covered by federal legislation as well as by state laws, the federal law always takes precedence over the state law.
Question 3
Under the provisions of the Employee Polygraph Protection Act (EPPA):
Question 4
Labor Management Relations Act of 1947, commonly referred to as the Taft-Hartley Act, amended the National Labor Relations Act and:
Question 5
Concerning the organization’s compensation and benefits programs, the department manager must:
Question 6 It has been repeatedly proven that most health care workers are primarily motivated by the promise of material rewards.
Question 7
It is unnecessary for department managers to be knowledgeable of compensation practices as long as there is a capable HR department in the organization.
Question 8
The payroll office, once a constant feature of HR departments, was removed from HR primarily because:
Question 9
The most generally preferred operating mode for a human resources department is known as “the clerical model.”
Question 10
A professional employer organization (PEO) provides the means for some smaller organizations to obtain most of their human resource services externally.
Question 11
The principal

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