Hrm Project Essay

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HRM Project- Physician Assistant
Sandy Matariyeh
Rasmussen College

Author Note: This research is being submitted on December 8, 2012, for Christopher McChesney’s B165 Introduction to Human Resource Management Course.

Physician assistant is a job that I have been interested in for the past seven years. I was never aware of the position until I was hired as a medical assistant for a family practice of five physicians and one physician assistant. I always had a dream to become a physician, but it never seemed like it would ever work out, with all the required schooling, it seemed like it would take too long. Physician assistants practice medicine under the direction of a doctor. They are trained to examine, diagnose, and
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PA’s are responsible for reviewing patient medical history, perform physical exams, order and review diagnostic tests, provide treatment, and patient counseling (Physician Assistant, 2012). The work of PA’s depends in large part on their specialty and what their supervising physician needs them to do. For example, a PA working in surgery may close incisions and provide care before and after the operation. A PA working in pediatrics may examine a child or give routine vaccinations (Quick Facts). PA’s help alleviate some of the routine work for physicians to help maximize office hours and treat more patients. Preventive care will cut down on overall healthcare spending by warding off diseases that strain the economy and work production (Quick Facts).

Job description and responsibilities for a Physician Assistant are as follows: Establishing standards of care, and is supervised by the designated physician. The PA will examine patients to obtain information about their physical condition (Physician Assisant Jobs, 2012). Interpretation of diagnostic test results to establish if there are any abnormal findings. Obtain, compile, and record patient medical data, including health history, progress notes and results of physical examination. Promote teamwork among co-workers and adhering to guest relation principles (Quick

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