Essay about Hrm Practice

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Pfeffer (1998) defined best practice theory is on the basis of an assumption that a high performance enterprise’s successful human resource practices also can be the example used in other enterprises and get the same results. As a result of the different understanding of people, there is also having other definitions. For example, Johnson (2000) also giving an definition that best practice is considered as a type of human resource method or system which have some qualities like additive additively, universal, and promotional effects on the organizational performance. Although some researchers have the different definitions about best practice, but all of these definitions are prove that best practice will influence the organizations’ …show more content…
As many teams are accountable and responsible for their area of work, teams can be linked to empowerment of employees, and or teams. This in turn can be linked to effective communication, as employees must understand the strategy of the organisation in order to make decisions to improve the organisation, and also communicate these decisions with management. It must be noted that for teams and employee empowerment to work effectively, training and development must be utilized to ensure that employees have the required skills to make the decisions, and effectively work within a team environment, so training and development is linked to these practices as well. Finally all of the measures that have been discussed can be linked to a flatter organizational structure, as teams negate the need for multiple hierarchy levels, as does employee empowerment, with communication being more effective with fewer organizational levels, once again linking all of these practices together. There is also a strong link between the performance evaluation of individual employees, and performance based pay. If effective measurement of employee performance takes place, then the suitable remuneration for this performance can ensue. The remuneration

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