Hrm Practice of First Security Islami Bank Essay

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Intership Report On Human Resource Management Practices of the Bangladesh Shilpa Bank (BSB)
HRM is the strategic and coherent approach to the management of an organization’s most valued assets. The people working there who individually and collectively contribute to the achievement of the objective of the business.
HRM and HR have largely replaced the term “Personnel management” as a descriptive of the process involved in managing people in an organization.
HRM is evolving rapidly. HRM is both an academic theory and a business practice that address the theoretical and practical techniques of managing a workforce.
Employees play a dual role in an organization first as a factor of production and second as a motive force
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Target Group:
To accumulate the required data I have contacted with each departmental head along with other concerned executive of Bangladesh Shilpa Bank. I have got in close with the responsible personnel of Human Resource Management Department of BSB to collect the information.
Types Of Rearch:
In this study the descriptive type of research has undertaken to gain insights and understanding about overall operation of BSB and the sick industry.
Source Of Information:
The data will be collect from both primary and secondary sources.
Sources of Primary Data
The sources of primary data are:
Ä Face to face interview.
Ä Official records & documents of BSB.
Ä Communication with other respective personnel of BSB.
Ä Expert opinion.
Secondary sources
The sources of secondary data are:
Ä Annual report
Ä Relevant Papers & Publications
Ä Extensive literature search on the basis of these documents of publication
Limitation of the Study:
This Internship Report is my first assignment outside our course curriculum in the practical life. I, the students of “Department of Management Studies”, just have completed our formal education stage. After completing the institutional experience, Practical performance in the formal stages become difficult. So in performing this report our lack of proper knowledge greatly influenced in this performance.
Besides above, have to face some other limitations are:
Due to the shortage of time I could not get

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