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The main theme of HR SHARE 2014 is “HR Change and Transformation” It has several sub-themes too. The conference is designed around themes and topics which are aligned to the various complexities that surround business.
Main Theme:
HR CHANGE AND TRANSFORMATION To accelerate organizational growth and be able to compete on a regional scale and beyond, human resources managers cannot simply follow the traditional paths they used to get the organization where it is today; instead, they need to transform themselves. In other words, HR practitioners need to expand their perspective and explore the world beyond the general HR attributes -- the overall business landscape, the clients as well as the competition. The various challenges facing hr
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The companies thus confront increasing competition for highly skilled workers, cost constraints and the need for speed and precision.

How to create process re-engineering and optimize initiations chain improvement program and bring down salary costs?

Therefore, is it important to create a performance driven compensation program that aligns compensation to actual impact on the company’s key business goals.
Does your organization invest on compensation with the same rigor they apply for supply chain management processes?

One of the biggest challenges facing the companies is building and sustaining a strong talent pipeline. Not only do businesses need to adjust to shifting demographics and work place preference – but they must also build new capabilities and revitalize organizations- all while investing in new technology globalizing their operations and contending with new competitors. What do companies operating in various markets need to do to attract and develop the very best employees so they can be competitive globally? Driven by the need for more rapid response times in an era of shrinking, internal pools of managerial talent, a tighter linkage between strategy and succession planning is needed to deploy high-quality

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