Hr Emo Task 2 Essay

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Elle Toys Company

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Mat T. Elle, CEO Melissa Weeden, Elementary Division Manager Haus B Row, CFO; Anne Fisher, COO; Eli Price, CIO 12/3/2011 Lead test on elementary whistle.

It has come to our attention that during a routine test on the toy collection being prepared for shipment to South Africa, the whistle came back with slightly higher lead levels than the US legally accepted limits. As a major company under the publics’ watchful eye, we have to determine the best route to take and the ethical, legal and financial decisions that the company will encounter. We have three possibilities to consider: 1. Take no action and include the whistles in the toy collection being sent to South Africa, 2. Scrap the
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Our advantages would stand for us financially, but not ethically nor lawfully by not ignoring the US standards to only follow what is set forth ( or not) by South Africa. 2. Elle Toys Co. can take the route of scraping the whistles and reproducing them to meet or beet the US standard of 100 parts per million. The initial hit will be financial, an approximate cost of $100,000 to reproduce and repackage the whistles. This not withstanding the cost to produce the first whistle that is slightly high over the legal limit. Ethically, we would be in good conscious and showing our customers we take the children’s safety very seriously, no matter their location in the world and showing the legal system we are rule followers, not law breakers. This choice holds out to more advantages legally and ethically and outweighs the disadvantage of a financial burden.


3. With only one week until the toy collection is due to be shipped to South Africa, we can take the approach of scraping all the whistles completely and not reproducing or sending the whistles to South Africa. The financial advantages are only the losses of the production and packaging costs for the initial run. Ethically, we are not going to be sending tainted toys to any children, but there is now one less toy to be given out and used in the South African school system. Legally, we’re following the US regulations and do not have to fear any future legalities over having sent tainted whistles, even though

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