How Workplace Skills Are Gained And Developed Throughout The Work Lifecycle

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My previous knowledge of topic before enrolling into this EPP1:
Workplace skills also referred to employability skills which are the basic skills a person must have to perform the required task. These skills include knowledge, skills and attitude which allow the worker to understand the culture of the workplace and fit in with all the stakeholders of the organisation. These are crucial in order to achieve success in all aspect of the organisation. Workplace skills branches off to technical and transferable skills. To build a self-competitive advantage it is crucial to possess both of the skills.
Previous to my enrolment in the course Engineering Practise Preview 1, I had minimal understanding of the topic Workplace skills. My understanding of the topic was that workplace skills are skills that are gained and developed throughout the work lifecycle. Comparing my personal definition to the original and correct definition of workplace skills it is precise to extents but was very limited. In my previous knowledge I didn’t understand the fact that workplace skills are obtained outside of work also. A basic example is communication, which is vital skill required for any individual to success in different roles within any organisation. Skills such as communication are mainly developed throughout every day and educational life. Therefore my definition of workplace skills were very limited to just professional life where as it expands on broader fields than that.
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