How Will You Define Family? Essay

733 Words May 21st, 2016 3 Pages
a. How will you define family? Discuss some of the changes in American families over the past several decades and how these changes necessitate a change to the definition of family. To the typical American, “starting a family” would look something like: getting married, buying a house, having children, getting a dog, and voila! Family! They may view family in a more traditional sense in which family is strictly acknowledged through bloodline and legally documented marriage, much the same as their parents and grandparents. I personally favor the second proposal in which Seccombe (2016) suggests that family is defined by bond, not blood. If people behave as family, and consider themselves as such, then they should be recognized as family. My family is somewhat non-traditional and though we are all on good terms, we are not very close and loosely keep in contact from long distances. Since childhood I have developed very strong familial bonds with my close friends, and often consider them to be “family” more so than my blood relatives. Although I have a wholesome and fulfilling relationship with my significant other, marriage is not of value in my personal belief structure. Even though I have absolutely no intention of getting married, I very much consider him and his family to be a part of my own. In addition to my own personal feelings, I think the need for a more formal definitional change is inevitable. Not only have divorce rates been prone to fluctuation with a strong…

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