How Will Global Warming Change Earth: An Article Analysis

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Two recent articles published in the National Geographic and NASA Earth Observatory, “Signs From Earth: No Room to Run” and “How Will Global Warming Change Earth”, seek to raise awareness of the dangerous implications of global warming for human, animal, and plant life. While NASA’s articles share a similar device in projecting a message that is both omniscient and foretelling, National Geographic “Signs From Earth: No Room to Run” is the most informative because of its writing style being in the first-person account. There is also enough evidence given in “Signs From Earth: No Room to Run” that the other article just does not have, and finally, the formality and, more so, the tone found in the National Geographic far outweighs that of NASA Earth Observatory, plain and simple. …show more content…
The title alone shows a sharp distinction in writing style: a question asked, as we see with NASA Earth Observatory, versus a poignant statement made, as we see with National Geographic. Moreover, it is in this realm that National Geographic does not disappoint. In fact, from the first sentence on the reader encounters a rich-filled text with a vast amount of personally written style, “Bleached coral, mistimed migrations, and dead forests count among the many complex effects of a warming global climate” (page 1). Unfortunately for NASA, the author negates from any such style, making this article flat and bringing the reader on a journey that is rather dull and uninteresting when compared to National Geographic: “The impact of increased surface temperatures is significant in itself. But global warming will have additional, far-reaching effects on the planet. Some of these changes are already occurring” (page

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