How Welding Has Been For Many Year From The Middle Ages Essay

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Welding has been for many year from the middle ages. In the middle ages welding was known as blacksmithing. Blacksmithing is the technique of forging wrought iron and steel. Blacksmiths made horseshoes, weapons, and repair armor. Blacksmith get there name because they were smith and worked with black metals like tin, silver, and gold. With the work they do they need shatterproof hammers and handles because most of their work is forging metals with these hammers. In the middle ages blacksmiths made armor and weapons that were for the nights. They heated a steal till it melted and pour it into a rock with the design of the weapon or armor. Once it takes form the picket up with some players and start hammering it down to the shape they want. They put it back into water for it to cool and if it still needed work they put it for heat treating. Blacksmiths were the welders of the middle ages. In modern day welding we use tool and machines that helped use. In the middle ages the just used fire and hammers with pincers. These blacksmiths were important because they made chains, weapons, armor, and shoes for their horses. They melted two metals together to keep them together. These men had to know how to combine the metals or two different types of metals. Welding in the 19 century was different they had more technical advancements. England has credit for the discovery of the acetylene. This was made arc between two carbon electrodes that use a battery. Voltaic cell…

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