The 1940's: The Greatest Generation

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The 1940’s are most known as the greatest generation, for having discover and developed some of the best inventions of the world, that today most people can't live without it. The 1940’s had it all, things like the color tv and the microwave oven. Peter Goldmark, a staff of RCA Laboratories, started developing modern color tv, after seeing the designs of John Logre Baird in 1928. However, black and white television at that time were sold to the public 10.5 million times compared to the color television, which only had very few sold. But in the year 1961, it became the turning point for the color television after having Walt Disney wonderful world of color premier out, make people go out and purchase color television. Another discovery that …show more content…
Duct tape was also invented in the 40’s but it wasn’t made for a lot of uses like now a days, it was meant to sealing ammunition cases in WW2, it was a water resistant tape. It got its name for the reasons, one, that the material that was made from was cotton duct and two, that it was use for ducts but it became weak and it fell off. Another great invention was made from Karl Pabst, who came up with the idea of a vehicle that was fast and could meet with the specifications of the army. They send a request to automotive companies to work on a vehicle like this so the the first company to have something like this was, Willy’s Truck company. This new vehicle had the nickname of “JEEP”, and many people of the America army said that they wouldn’t have done it without this car during World War 2. The atomic bomb was also invented by several scientists and it killed over 300,000 people in Japanese cities. Besides that a man named Willen Johan Kolff decided on creating a machine that could save many peoples life, he created the first ever kidney

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