How Water Is Important Complex And Necessary Molecules On Earth

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Water is one of the most important complex and necessary molecules on earth. It is required for any organism 's survival and is vital for life processes. Its molecular structure enables it to have a chief advantage over other molecules. Its polarity and attraction to other types of matter enable water to be a perfect solvent used with detergent and soap. The range of water is expensive, available on earth as three different types. Despite the abundance of these molecules, many countries continue to suffer from not being able to supply themselves with the necessary amount. Some regions only have water pumps or wells to receive water, while in the United States, bottles are thriving in popularity. However, bottled water might not always be the healthiest and purest type when compared to tap water. As waters importance intensifies, more conflict arise such as the true perimeter of the cleanliness of bottled water, and the availability of the supply. New ways of saving water has been developed to save the earth water to last for the upcoming years.
Water is the key to life on earth. Without water, neither humans nor any other organisms will be able to survive for much longer than 3 days. The human body is composed of about 60% water; it is the main ingredient for the content of blood and lymph nodes in the body. What is used in nearly all of the daily activities, including digestion, homeostasis, chemical reactions, and many other bodily functions. The form of the water molecule…

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