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Is bottled water hurting or helping us as humans? Many people argue both ways. One side says that bottled water is the best possible source of water. They believe this because it is convenient, easy to carry, and not very hard to get. On the other hand, many people believe that landfills have been growing in size due to bottled water. They also think that bottled water has a much poorer quality compared to tap water. Nicole Cotroneo’s article for The New York Times, “Movement Against Bottled Water Gains Municipal Adherents,” Annie Gentile’s “Mayors Push Benefits of Cities’ Tap Water” for American City & County, and “New Study Finds Fault With Some Bottled Waters; Tap Water a Better Bet,” written in Environmental Nutrition, all of these writers take the same path and explain to us why tap water is the best choice for you and the environment. During the three essays, the authors clarify how bottled water is a worse choice for you compared to tap water in its impact on the environment, its high cost, and the health …show more content…
All three of the articles prove that bottled water hurts the environment in a few ways. “New study” clearly explains that landfills keep getting more full and that “the bottled water industry has taken a few hits of late for the [...] problem plastic bottles generate” (3). In “Mayors Push,” Charlotte, N.C., Mayor Patrick McCrory and Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, Mayor Don Robart say that the bottled water industry has tried to limit the plastic used for water bottles. The bottled water industry's believe that it’s not their fault that people just throw their plastic bottles on the ground. The industry would like the cities’ and towns’ to teach their citizens the proper way of disposing plastic bottles, and not just throwing them all of the ground (20). “The evidence is everywhere,” writes Cotroneo in her article about Long Island, “plastic

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