Essay on How Voters Will Help Make America Better

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How Voters Will Help Make America Better
It is 2016, a new presidential election year, and the game of politics have began. We have quite an interesting lot of candidates this year. There is a celebrity Donald Trump, a woman Hillary Clinton, an African American Ben Carson, an Hispanic Marco Rubio and the socialist Bernie Sanders. Never before have the presidential candidates been so diverse in culture or political standings. The real question is who will take on the title of Commander in Chief. It is up to our eligible voters to decide which nominee has the best political views to make America great again.
With that being said, while researching I narrowed my choices down to two candidates, Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Ted Cruz. Let us start off with their views on Healthcare. Healthcare also known as Obamacare went into effect in 2010 and Upcouncil stated:
[that it] expands Medicaid eligibility so low income families could pay for the cost of health insurance, offers cost assistance and affordable quality premiums, makes it illegal to be denied coverage because of past illnesses, and provides recipients with new protections and benefits (Upcoumcil).
Republican Ted Cruz thinks that Obamacare should be repealed and replaced completely. He does not state what he would replace it with or if he just wants healthcare to be as it once was. On the other hand Democrat Hillary Clinton stated that…

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