How To Write A Narrative Essay About Joining The Coast Guard

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A huge life changing event for me was join the U.S. Coast Guard at age 18, right after I had just completed one semester at the Santa Rosa Junior College. I was a young adult thinking that I was ready to life on my own, that I was matured enough to survive on my own. That was extremely wrong in every possible way. From the first day of basic training to the first day in the fleet, was a major shift in my life. This decision to join the service was all voluntary and I knew to some extent what was going to happen to me. At the end of basic training I had grown on a personal level, and sharpen my self discipline as that’s probably the most valuable thing I learned/honed in basic training. I had a routine and I knew what was expected of me, a sense of propose, and at age 18 that felt amazing to have. …show more content…
I had to learn how to write a proper check, what the difference of an apartment and a condominium was. With all of this going on I still had my duties to the Coast Guard. My first 5 months was extremely difficult, but with all of that came my biggest achievement, I had to grow up very fast, learned to fend for my self, make my self food, pay rent and bills. I was 18 years old living on my own with my own apartment, and a new car and saving money. Join the Coast Guard was the best think that could have happened to me because it brought me to the harsh reality of the real world, and many young adults continue to stay in there home town afraid to move on when they see how harsh the real world is. I am 23 and I can say that when I get out of the Coast Guard I have to experience and knowledge to live in the real

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