How To Write A Narrative Essay About Fishing

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Last year I went on a fishing trip that would change my life. I was extremely excited to go fishing because I had only done it a few times before. But, the bad part of it is the nine hour drive to the cabin we would be staying at. I dislike long car rides very much so I was not looking forward for that part of the journey. I had to pack a bunch of clothes and supplies that I would need for the adventurous week in front of me. Before we left for the long journey I said goodbye to my mom and made sure that I had everything I needed before we left. As we were driving down the driveway I said, “Now only 9 hours to go” then we were on our way to my next big adventure.
The first part of the dive took about seven hours, by that time it was past midnight, so we stayed in a hotel and were going drive the rest of the way in the morning. We woke up the next morning at the
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But, we were there to go fishing so that is what we did. For breakfast that morning I had some eggs to get fueled up for the day. The morning part of our fishing was horrible. It was raining on us and no one could snag a fish. After awhile we made our way to the shore for some lunch. We deep fried fish and made some tater tots to go along with it. After a scrumptious lunch we went back to the lake. By that time the rain had stopped and the sun was shining, making it a perfect day for fishing. I was ready and wanted to go catch a ton of fish. I had a lots of hope that today was the day that I would finally get a fish, but I thought all wrong. In the afternoon I ended up with a total of zero fish, but my brother got four fish. I was quite upset that no matter how much I tried, I could not get a fish. We ended up going back to the cabin shortly after so I had to wait for the next day for another shot at it. That night I went to bed early because I knew I could not catch a fish. I wanted the next day to end up a lot better than

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