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The Best Bass Fishing Lures

When fishing for bass you will need certain equipment which is essential if you are hoping to catch a bass. Long gone are the day where you could spear your fish and resort back to old fishing methods as these require excellent skills and training for long periods of time. In order to enhance the likelihood of catching bass, you will need fishing lures. Remember that if a lure works for a largemouth bass, then it might not work for a smallmouth bass, so keep that in mind when choosing you lures.

Fishing lures are objects which are attached to the end of a fishing rod, which is used to lure fish and to catch them. Lures come in all shapes and sizes depending on the water you are looking to fish in and the fish you are looking to catch. Lures should really be trailed and
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They have a strange name but can actually be very useful when fishing bass. When the angler casts out their rod, this creates a crisscross motion which causes a disturbance throughout the water thus lure the fish to your line.

A jig is another type of lure which can have bait wrapped round it to catch the fish’s attention. The jig consists of a metallic weight which looks remarkably like a little fish.

Surface lures are useful as you; the fisherman can see them at all times, which means that you can reel a catch as soon as it has been hooked.

Plugs are great lures to use as they come in all types of colours and sizes. Another name for a plug is crank bait. These lures are shaped exactly like a small fish enticing the bass and making them hunt for your lure.

Soft plastic lures is the name for a group of lures, as you might have guest, they are plastic and are used to imitate crabs, little fish, worms, leeches and many more.

There are so many types of lure and if you want any more information, please feel free to continue on reading through the various lure related articles found throughout the

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