How to Motivate Fred Maiorino Essay

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Fred Maiorino had been a successful sales manager for Schering-Plough Corporation for thirty-one years before Jim Reed was named general sales manager over the South Jersey sales district that included Fred’s sales territory. Afterwards, Reed implemented several changes to try to boost sales including a new performance appraisal system and a hands-on coaching style to motivate his sales staff. The problem arose with Reed’s inability to motivate Fred (Buller & Schuler, 2003).
In this case study, we will compare and contrast both the ineffectiveness of Jim Reed’s methods, as well as more favorable methods he could have used to influence a more positive outcome.
The major issue is this case is Reed’s inability to motivate Fred,
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Three primary factors affect the attributions or judgments we make; perception, stereotyping and ethnocentrism. In the case of Jim Reed, the attribution that he made with respect to Fred’s poor performance was a lack of effort and carelessness. Jim Reed stereotyped Fred as “set in his ways” and, as was stated in Fred’s termination letter, ignored suggestions for improving his performance.
Ultimately, the outcome proved negative for Fred. In order to avoid this result, Jim and the other managers at Schering-Plough should have relied on a more systematic method for diagnosing the downward trend in Fred’s performance and identifying and implementing methods for motivating Fred to improve his performance. According to the attribution theory, Fred’s supervisors should have made a more concerted effort to first observe Fred’s behaviour.
Fred Maiorino performance assessment based on three factors of the equation Ability, Motivation and Opportunity. Ability of an individual can be defined as the knowledge that person has and talent or skills to apply that knowledge to the right direction knowledge and skills.
Fred used to keep all information regarding all the doctors, their secretaries, about all nurses and had developed good relations with all of them so with the help of his this ability could do business in minutes as compared to his peers who took several hours or days to do the same. So we can say he was efficient enough to convince

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