Essay On Taste Buds

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It’s important to make sure that the foods and beverages that you’re consuming, aren’t boring to your taste buds. The key to help you stick to your eating regimen is to be able to enjoy tasty foods and beverages. One of the main reasons why people can’t stick to a diet is because the foods taste bland and boring. Delicious foods are usually the foods that our bodies tend to crave. I’ve never heard anyone say, “I can’t wait to eat my bland and tasteless chicken sandwich.” It’s common to hear people say they can’t wait to eat foods that are yummy to them. There’s a variety of natural herbs and spices that’s available that’ll add great flavor to your foods. You just have to use different seasonings to make your foods tasty and more enjoyable. It’s up to you to excite your taste buds with foods that won’t cause you to be miserable when you eat healthy. Nobody knows what tastes good to your taste buds better than you do. Even though I eat snacks and dessert quite often, I also make the majority of my meals low calorie meals. Periodically, my desserts are normally high calorie desserts, but I usually burn them off. I also eat some heathy snacks from time to time. It became much …show more content…
I made so many delicious meals, and desserts. The thing I love most about my discovery is that, my family couldn’t taste the difference. I knew if I’d told them that I was going to cook a healthy meal, some of them would’ve been nervous about trying it. I’d wait until everyone had eaten at least half way through their meal, before I told them. They gave me compliments on being able to cook food that didn’t taste like diet food. The icing on the cake was, hearing them say, “This taste good! You can cook this again!” That’s when I felt like I scored the winning touchdown. My new style of cooking became my way of life. I knew that this was a cooking style that I could live with, for a

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