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Breaking a bad habit is and can be very hard to do. To start a habit is kind of simple once you think of something like smoking, then you have already started the bad habit by thinking of smoking. However when they think they have broken the habit, they will fall back to the same habits again when they face problems in life or have some stress in their life after breaking the habit. To keep from falling back in the bad habit, you will need some support from your family or friends, and change your thinking and routine. Also thinking of things like smoking will cause cancer, and bad breath or maybe making my clothes stink. It will make the person who surrounding cause cancer too. To break this bad habit, the method
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change this by having a cup of tea, 3.Schedule a day to jumpstart your new program. Start this day by spending a few moments meditating and seeing yourself free from the habit. Make an affirmation stating your new intentions; this will help to put you in the right frame of mind for this new life you will be living. During this time you must make the decision to change. 4.Create a positive habit to replace the negative habit, keep in mind while you are breaking the habit all the things that will happen if you keep doing this bad habit, like smoking will cause cancer, and it causes the teeth to become yellow and bad breath your clothing to stink all these things are a negative thought process so that it will help you quit the bad habit. 5.Remember to come back to this list and begin again. You’ll have to jumpstart yourself again with a time of mediation and affirmation to help reset your programming. You may have set backs and have to start all over again, don't despair just start over from the beginning and keep a list of your goals when you have completed your steps to quitting,
It is said that it takes 21 days to form a habit and can take just as many days to quit the bad habit. The best thing to do would be to think of things you will accomplish after you have been successful in quitting, like being able to build up your stamina again, being able to become more active, not

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