A Career In Veterinary Medicine

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The Path to Becoming a Vet

Having a career in Veterinary medicine promises a fun and exciting career where every day there is something new to discover. In veterinary medicine, one has to have a love for animals beyond just thinking they are cute. One would need to want to help them because they cannot help themselves and want to understand the mind and body of all animals. Much like human doctors, veterinarians perform checkups and prescribed pills. The veterinarian has to deal with almost everything such as cleaning teeth, surgery, grooming, and checkups. When someone takes their animals to the vet, that veterinarian has to do everything. On top of performing all the tasks, the one thing that makes being a bit more challenging than being
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To become a vet one needs to be good with people because pet owners are protective of their pets, observant to spot the hidden signs of sickness or when an animal is about to bite and hardworking. Although Vets treat animals, it is important to have communication skills if someone wants to become a vet. Strong communication skills will help vets deal with anxious animal owners and work effectively with other vets, and vet techs. A person also needs to be good with animals to even become a vet. One would have to work to not get depressed if and when an animal dies because it is heartbreaking. They would have to be willing to talk to someone if it is the first time an animal dies while they are operating on them. They can be sad, but letting it get to them so deeply can make anyone depressed. Apart from the emotional skill required that 's will learn most of what it needs to become a vet in College. According to Occupational Outlook Handbook, some veterinary medical colleges weigh experience heavily during the admissions process. The best skill that a future vet needs is experience, most vet clinics want to know that the person they are hiring has been in a clinic and seen what it takes to become …show more content…
According to Career Cruising, after high school one must complete 2 to 4 years of pre-veterinary or science studies at college before applying to veterinary school. It requires four years of college but if someone wants to be in a specific field of medicine like surgery or radiology they would need one to two years of internship in that specific field. If they want to become certified specialists, they must complete a three to four year residency program. One can obtain their DVM or Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree at several veterinary schools such as the University of Georgia and the University Of Pennsylvania School Of Veterinary Medicine. At such schools one will be trained and learn what they need to become a vet themselves. People can also start learning about Veterinary medicine at an earlier year such as high schools. Some high schools have Technical programs so that high school students can get a head start into joining their

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