How The Sun Has Shaped The Earth Essay

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Our solar system revolves around the sun, nine planets kept in orbit by this bright star’s gravitational pull. The sun is not only an essential part of our solar system, but also an essential part to life on earth. This star does everything from allowing life to exist on our planet by providing the nutrients necessary for living things to grow to determining the length of our days and the brightness of the moon. Without the sun, the solar system might not even exist, or at least not the way it does now. Much like how the sun has shaped the earth and everything on it, music has shaped my life. My life has revolved around music from a young age and consequently it has been the integral factor in determining who I have become. Music is the sun, the center of my life, catalyzing my growth and providing me with warmth when I need it most. When I was a young child, the sun first nourished the seed of who I would become when I began piano lessons. Those first classes when I was six years old were the sunrise; the vibrancy of every hue only seems so promising and momentous when I look back on it now. At six years old it was just another first, even though the first few times I touched those gleaming, ivory keys filled me with the warmth of excitement and promise. The warmth I felt from those first rays of sunlight was not only the beginning of expressing myself without words, but also the beginning of how to skillfully turn the smattering of circles and lines on a page into…

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