How The Section That I Analyzed Uses The Cars Method Essay

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In my analysis, I write about how the section that I analyzed uses the CARS method in the intro of the section. In class, you discussed the CARS method and each move and step that led to the thesis. We also practice with articles focusing on the CARS method, which helped me understand the set up of introductions and allowed me to pull information and the authors ideas from just the first few paragraphs of the section. The CARS method hooks the readers and guides the readers for the rest of the section.
I explained in my analysis the format of the section. In class, we discussed the visuals and the way that an article is laid out. Different formats are used because not every style is will work for every article. The article we looked at in class was colorful and we decided that we believe that it is suppose to be read online. It also had subtitles to separate the information and contained charts to make it easier for someone who is not an expert to be able to understand the information. I used the practice in class to help me understand my article and its format. I discussed the use of bullet points, pictures, and the set up of sections in the writing. Understanding the format helps me know the reason behind what the author is writing about and the important information that I needed to take away from the research.
I made a tremendous amount of changes to my rough draft. I tried to edit my paper almost every day to make my paper the best it could be. I have always had a…

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