How The Media Influence The Child 's Behavior Essay

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How the media influence the child’s behavior Today our life is full with media. People cannot live without them and each member in a family has at least one media. It has advantages and disadvantage for our life. People should know and make the difference between the good and the bad. In the last time, in each home all family members get together in one room and watching something on one television. Each member knew what the other one watch. The house fills by love and laugh, since they see and talk between them at least at night.
In fact, at this time, parents don’t see their kids what are they doing, when did they get home and at what time do they leave. Each one in his room, do whatever they want. Children make their media the only thing to do when they are at home, watching TV, playing video games, listen to music …etc, as a consequence, they influence their mind about what they should wear, eat and go...etc. also the media influence their behaviors they teach them bad thing and rarely good things. Since all of us know that the media in this time show a lot of violence and crime. This is especially true in brain areas that support advanced abilities like memory and abstract thought. Although watching television is a passive activity, understanding television requires certain skills. To a baby, television is a stream of 2-dimensional pictures that change about every 6 seconds and have no apparent connection to each other, to the sounds…

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