Essay on How The Internet Has Changed Our Society

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In the past few decades, our world has changed at a tremendously rapid rate. The Internet has changed the way we organize the functioning of our social and economical lives. We are the first generation to experience the Internet and its impact on our society. Our parents and grandparents have merely adapted to this advancement. This advancement has made positive and negative impacts on society, but it has definitely brought significance to the statement “There Is Only One World”. My goal in this paper is to explain how the Internet has made the world smaller, and how we as a society have benefited and suffered from this great change. The Internet was born on the first of January 1983 when ARPAnet had successfully connected 500 centers together. This eventually led to the commercial use of Internet in 1995. This moment has opened access to the Internet by masses of home users, and as a result the internet has grown by 100% from year to year. In the beginning, the Internet was being used exclusively for research and communication in universities and military. Today, the Internet is present everywhere and its uses are unlimited. The Internet is the biggest database we have access to now.
Positive Aspects of the Internet Most often our elders tend to focus on the cloud of bad luck the Internet has placed over today’s society instead of focusing on the positive. Looking back on the times when the Internet was not so present in our lives, I believe it has made our society more…

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