How The Inequality Immigrants Face Due From Negative Myths And Stereotypes Reflect On Public Perspectives And Political Policies

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I had very limited time to gather a full in-depth research on immigration. However I did find valuable information in the short time span that furthers my understanding of the inequality immigrants face due to negative myths and stereotypes the reflect on public perspectives and political policies. I began my research by attending a film presentation followed by a panelist discussion. The event was held on September 28, 2016 in the USU ballroom at California State University of San Marcos there was at least 500 people who showed. This connected to my topic because I am working on understanding immigration and the documentary for one had showed me empathy and understanding of people who live in Latin America. The film presentation was called Llévate Mis Amores which means All Of Me. The main plot of the film was on migrant workers from all parts of Mexico in hopes of using the train to transport them to the boarder in which they will cross illegally to find work or a better life. The film represented the daily struggle and hardship these people endured during their journey. Fortunately there was a group of women who would cook meals and throw them up to people on the train because most of time these people didn’t get a hot meal. Under the laws that was seen as illegal to help a migrant out who plans to cross illegally but the women still continued to provide food regardless of the laws. The video was powerful and showed the struggles and hardship of what it means to be a…

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