How The Divorce Affects My Life Essay

732 Words Dec 8th, 2016 3 Pages
When I was little I lived in Boydton, VA. It was a small town where everybody knew each other and were mostly family. My elementary school was five minutes from my house and family all lived on the same road so everything was comfortable for me. I grew up with an older sister and my parents were married. I loved school and playing outside with my pet dogs. Everything was going great, at least a thought so, until my parents got a divorce. I was just entering the second grade and was not sure exactly how to feel. The divorce affected me negatively because I was very young and devastated. I ended up moving and living with my mom and sister. This specific experience affected me the most because I felt uprooted and thrown into a situation that I was not prepared for. After the divorce, I became very shy and not very social after changing schools and homes. I had a hard time expressing my emotion in a positive way. As I adjusted to the new life I had, I began to focus and seek comfort in my school work and the rewarding attention I received based on my grades.
I believe if my parents never got a divorce my personality and life would be extremely different. My dad was a big influence on me when I was little. He would take me riding on four wheelers, letting me ride horses and various other activities. I believe I would be a little more extraverted. My dad’s side of the family is loud, talkative, and outgoing. My cousins were on sport teams and very popular. I believe being around…

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