How The Cold War Was Impacted By The Kgb, Mi6, And Cia Essays

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“Writing Literacy Memoir” It 's strange how clearly I remember this paper ,where I can not remember what I did last week. It was a Thursday night sometime during May 2013 where it was a hot, humid night and I was exhausted. Where tomorrow I was supposed to start writing my paper about espionage agencies during the Cold War. It was a 10-page research paper on how the Cold War was impacted by the KGB, MI6, and CIA. Its so clear on how when I entered the class and began typing away that writing is becoming a second nature or even a 6th sense.My writing has fluctuated day to day and assignment to assignment,yet here are some of the assignments I have done that have gotten me to this point. From writing for classes or to get into a school,I look at my writing accomplishments as tiers and here are some of the tiers I hit. I was in preschool when I received my first writing assignment in my life. Even though Mrs. Brown basically did it all because I was in preschool! Mrs. Brown told the class to write about our favorite animal. She told me to write about the cat because it was the only toy I would play with everyday during class. Looking back, I feel accomplished to where it all started. My past is a little vague to me because so much has gone on and I cannot remember all the little details. However the time I wrote a paper on Napoleon Bonaparte 's life allowed me to reach a whole new level of writing. The amount of…

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